mountain biking in vall de ribes

This destination in the middle of the Catalan Pyrenees is perfect for enjoying mountain bike outings. Adrenaline-filled excursions on two wheels through fantastic, colourful, natural settings where you will only breathe fresh air. There are not many mountain biking and road’s routes (map) in Vall de Ribes, but the best known are definitely worth for those with some experience.


mountain biking Route in ribes de Freser

The first of the two mountain biking routes in Vall de Ribes is classed as difficult (careful, it can be a challenge even for the most experienced cyclist). It departs from the multi-sports centre in Ribes de Freser and is known as the “Vall de Ribes Circuit” as it passes Campelles, Queralbs and Pardines before ending in the administrative and economic centre of the valley.

mountain biking route in Pardines

The second known mountain biking route in Vall de Ribes, is also classed as difficult and starts from the multi-sports centre in Villalonga de Ter (immediately to the east of Vall de Ribes) and runs along the mountains that separate this village from Pardines, which is reached approximately halfway through the route. We repeat: these are not easy routes, so we would strongly recommend having some experience before attempting any of these two routes.

More mountain biking in vall de ribes

The two routes we have mentioned are the best-known ones that are signposted, but they are not the only ones. The villages of Vall de Ribes are spread out in a very unusual way. Valleys and mountains, forests and clearings, paths and rivers, etc. There are many (many, many) options for improvising a mountain biking route. You just need to get a bike from the suggested places and decide where you want to go. There are incredible destinations! But don’t forget: the importants thing is not the destination, but enjoying the journey. Colours, fresh air, landscapes you leave behind, animals you cross paths with, and trees will be there for you to enjoy, no matter which route you choose.

why do a mountain biking route in Vall de Ribes ?

There are so many reasons! Vall de Ribes means slow days: enjoying things with no rush, no headaches, no stress. It is drinking water and feeling how it quenches your thirst. It is savouring every mouthful. It is lying down in bed and listening to the silence, falling asleep and waking up wanting to live more consciously every moment. But above all, it is  nature.  And there is nothing like a mountain biking route to submerge yourself in nature while enjoying a two-wheeled activity that will make you feel more alive than ever.

similar activities to mountain biking

We have said that there are two well-known mountain biking routes, but they are both difficult. Or that you can improvise your own by simply going out on your bike in the nature that surrounds the village you have decided to visit. But… what if mountain biking is not your thing? In this case, we recommend you take a look at the rest of the activities available in the villages in Vall de Ribes. These are: