de ribes

In El Ripollés, in the middle of the Catalan Pyrenees, hidden among the mountains is Vall de Ribes, an administrative group of rural villages where one can enjoy the concept of slow days like nowhere else. The minutes in Vall de Ribes pass slowly, but far from being tedious it is really lucky for the traveller who comes to the area looking for peace, tranquillity and to spend their time breathing fresh air. These are the villages that form Vall de Ribes:


In the south of Vall de Ribes, this small village, dated for the first time in 918 AD, is the perfect place to enjoy nature in the valley. The surrounding mountains, the river course and the pine forest around it will transport you to an unmatched atmosphere. It also has a small affiliated hamlet where you can spend the night if you wish: El Baell.


A village that perfectly reflects the mediaeval origins of the region. Walking around its streets you will find remains of the old wall that are still standing, with typical wooden balconies of the era and even an 11th century castle. A walk through the past: this is what this tiny village in Vall de Ribes offers you, welcoming you with open arms 365 days a year.


One of the most important focal points for enjoying the fabolous natural heritage of the area. A route through the forest, a walk along the river with pure, almost mineral, water… And if you like history don’t forget to visit its 10th century AD Romanesque church. It has five affiliated hamlets that you can also discover during your visit: La Farga, Fustanyà, Rialb, Vilamanya and El Serrat.

Vall de Núria

It belongs to Queralbs, but the spectacular characteristics of this valley in the Pyrenees give it pride of place on this list. This is where you can find the famous Sanctuary of the Virgin of Núria, who presides over a favourite destination of ski lovers; Vall de Núria has an altitude of almost 2,000 metres and it is next to some of the most famous pistes in the Catalan Pyrenees.


The village of Vall de Ribes par excellence for hiking lovers. Routes for all tastes: grab your boots, the desire to go for a walk and set out on any of the available paths starting in this village next to the river Rigat. Landscapes, flora and fauna, fresh air and an endless number of moments and places await you for you to reconnect with yourself.

Ribes de Freser

Possibly, el pueblo de la Vall de Ribes más conocido en el exterior, although no less enigmatic and surprising: at Ribes de Freser you will find a history full of changes, some surroundings with abundant nature and an atmosphere that encourages a rest like no other. Planoles permitting, which is right in the middle of the valley, Ribes de Freser can be a good starting point to discover the rest of the villages in Vall de Ribes.


Planoles can boast of looking down on its neighbouring villages, and that is because it is higher up than the rest. This means it is a very sunny, village where the possibilities of doing activities multiply. Visit this village in Vall de Ribes, take your camera and prepare to enjoy the beauty of the region from a privileged position. If from its centre you go west and cross over the river you will reach its affiliated hamlet. Planés.