Campsites in Vall de Ribes

Those who haven’t tried it have no idea what they are missing. Lovers of camping know it, we know it and now you know it: camping in the mountain, under the stars, surrounded by nature of this calibre is an experience you must have at least once in your life as it is so enriching and pleasurable. Why not do it during your trip to this little paradise? We present the campsites in Vall de Ribes.

sleep under the watchful eyes of the stars

Even if it is just you in your tent, if you go camping in Vall de Ribes you will never sleep alone. We are talking about the stars in the night sky, which will be nearer than ever as you camp at an altitude of almost 2 km. They will be the perfect complement to the moon, the lady and mistress of the sky, while you dream about a new day.

merge with nature

Camping in Ribes de Freser, Queralbs, Vall de Núria or any of the villages that form part of Vall de Ribes is the best way of mixing with the environment, of feeling part of it. Sleeping just a few metres from a river of almost crystal-clear water is a gift, not to speak of the dawn awaiting you on the other side of the zip that closes your tent or of the door that protects your bungalow. If you know how to do it well, camping is a real marvel.

Many options

Depending on when, as well as the company, you may be interested in something more private. How about enjoying a charming cabin in the middle of the mountain? Or if you come with children, something that is fun for them. In such case, how would you feel about coming to a campsite that had a pool? Everything is possible at the campsites in Vall de Ribes.

Nothing to be desired

Going camping, as we have seen, is not synonymous with precariousness: far from it! If you go camping you can go minimalist (with a rucksack, a tent and little more) or, if you are more conventional regarding camping, bring your van or caravan with all kinds of additional creature comforts. But whatever you decide, you can be sure: nothing will be lacking. The Vall de Ribes campsites are fully equipped with everything you may need during your stay: Wi-Fi, hot water, bathrooms, showers, first aid kits, etc. Absolutely EVERYTHING!

Ideal for family or friends

If you are a frequent camper, you know that campsites are much more fun if you share with others. That is why, if you are going to come to Vall de Ribes with your family or friends, don’t think twice. If you are travelling with your partner looking for romance, a cabin in the middle of nature could be the icing on the cake, so take a look at the campsites listed below. Good moments, stories, anecdotes and experiences in a natural paradise like this one, are even better in good company.

Alternative accommodation to campsite in Vall de Ribes

Are you looking for a little extra comfort that a campsite cannot give you? If you see yourself here and miss having a private bathroom, a bed with a good mattress, a good buffet breakfast or large space for resting after a long day of activities in the valley, we suggest the following alternatives, each with its own unique features:

Nature, fun, (our) stars…

Vall de Ribes

Can Fosses