Queralbs is the largest town in Vall de Ribes. Despite this, the town maintains characteristics similar to that of its neighbours: it is a perfect place to enjoy the peace and quiet and nature, take a break from your daily routine and spend time with your friends or family breathing the purest air of the Catalan Pyrenees.


what to do in queralbs

Queralbs es el ideal destination for hikers. Yes: beyond being part of the well-known section linking Planoles with Ribes de Freser, there are routes which depart from Queralbs going through the countryside and reaching the shelters located a few kilometres away from the town, and even as far as Núria. If you like history, you can also enjoy some Romanesque tourism As for other activities, what do you think of cycling these routes on two wheels? Sport is an identifying mark in this green paradise!

where to stay in queralbs

Spending the night in Queralbs comes with a prize: some fantastic sunrises, which you can watch with a warming cup of coffee in your hands. There is plenty of accommodation offered in Queralbs; apartments, small hotels, hostels, cabins, rural houses… and the Vall de Núria, a skier’s paradise, is not far away. But that’s not all: if you prefer to be further away from the centre of Queralbs, you’ll be able to spend the night in high quality accommodation in most of its neighbouring hamlets.

Dónde comer en queralbs

Queralbs and its neighbouring hamlets are the best places to taste the specialities of the region. On the stoves and in the ovens of the restaurants in Queralbs, recipes such as the Canamillana and the Shepherds’ Soup are made every day, this last one being a classic that pays homage to the livestock heritage of the town. Cold meats, cheeses, honey and pastries are other specialities of local restaurants, such as the Restaurant Can Constans, Les Roquetes and Bar Cal Litus, among others. Let the best chefs familiarise you with the flavours of our land!

More about queralbs

Big but amazing: this millenial town has everything to ensure you can spend a few perfect slow days, in touch with the surrounding countryside. The town’s water courses are characteristic, along with the Capçaleres del Ter i el Freser Natural Park. Clean air, pure water and a huge space to enjoy the most authentic flora and fauna of the area. Queralbs only has 127 people registered in the last census, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to have a good time: we encourage you to come to the town’s main festival in July or craft fair in August.

La Farga, Fustanyà, Rialb, Vilamanya and El Serrat

These are the neighbouring hamlets attached to Queralbs, places to visit to get to know this corner of Vall de Ribes a little better. In Fustanyà, for example, there is a 12th-century church, which contrasts with the Romanesque church dating back to 978 A.D. in the centre of Queralbs; Rialb is a location which came about due to mining activity; Vilamanya is made up of authentic farmhouses… visit each of these places and let their numerous rural charms take you by surprise.

Other towns similar to queralbs in Vall de Ribes

Each one with its own appeal. Visitors are surprised by each place, and they all allow you to rest and recharge your batteries while enjoying an activity in the heart of nature. They are: