where to sleep in Vall de Ribes

rest and nothing more: nights to remeber

A lot is said about the daytime attractions of the Catalan Pyrenees and very little about the level of rest and relaxation that can be achieved in this kind of ambience, where what is rural and magical dominate. Sleeping in Vall de Ribes is not done out of necessity, but for pleasure. Very few times are you going to have the chance to spend a night under a sky like ours. Wherever you stay, sweet dreams.

stay at hotel

You have many accommodation options in Vall de Ribes, starting with a hotel. It’s a classic: a little hotel in the mountains with all the comforts and services, a family atmosphere and fully equipped bedroom. Like being at home? No way: much better. So much so, you won’t want to go home. Check in and get ready to make the most of the days you spend in Vall de Ribes, starting with breakfast.

stay at a guesthouse

A more discreet option; a more welcoming ambience. The rural guesthouses in Vall de Ribes keep the magic and charm of small establishments, but with the added sensation of the immensity of their surroundings. Put your luggage down, get comfortable and feel the warmth of an accommodation where everything is done with care and affection.

stay at hostel

Spend the nights you are in Vall de Ribes in a hostel and don’t miss out on the sensation of enjoying a night in an establishment designed for those wo want more for less. Share, get to know people and take home incredible experiences with other travellers who arrive in Vall de Ribes in search of slow days. You might even make plans with them: Vall de Ribes is also enjoyed with company!

stay at a campsite

For the more self-sufficient travellers. Choose your site, raise your tent and merge with nature. Feel the emotion of spending the night sheltered in your improvised home knowing that you are sorrounded by one the most impressive landscapes of the whole Catalan Pyrenees. This is the magic of camping; choose yours and have an experience under the stars that you will remember for many years.

rural tourism and apartments

Vall de Ribes also has a wide range of rural houses where you can rest overnight. Fully equipped rural houses, by the way, of all sizes and for all tastes and budgets. If you want to feel like a local for a few days, take a look at the rural houses or apartments available and enjoy your stay in Vall de Ribes at your own pace, with complete privacy.