Vía Ferrata in Vall de Ribes

Safe. fun. spectacular

Vía Ferrata is another excellent way of soaking up the natural heritage of Vall de Ribes. If you are looking for an activity that allows you to enjoy nature, do exercise and get out of the rut of your everyday life, take a look at the Via Ferrata we suggest below.


Vía Ferrata in Ribes de Freser

In Vall de Ribes we only have one Via Ferrata, which is in Ribes de Freser. In a volcanic area, a path has been cut into the granophyre which you can walk along in a couple of hours. It is not classed as difficult, so no experience is needed to do it easily, enjoying the walk at all times. And do not worry about the risk: although it seems dangerous, a Via Ferrata is always designed to guarantee your safety.

safety on the vias ferratas

Not just the Via Ferrata of Vall de Ribes, but all that exist: these are perfectly signposted and equipped paths, so you do not run any risk. These itineraries are full of rungs, pegs, railings, nails, chains, hanging bridges, etc. All kinds of strategically placed and distributed materials so you can complete the route without any problems.

why do a Vía Ferrata in Vall de Ribes?

We assume you know why, but if not, here we go: the natural heritage of Vall de Ribes is one of our greatest attractions. We are very proud of it and we like to enjoy it not just by looking at its landscapes, but also through adventure activities like this one. Plans in which fresh air fills our lungs, make us feel more alive than ever. And that is just what our Via Ferrata offers: do you fancy walking it?

a route of great scenic value

If you are one of those people who takes a long time to forget a landscape when it impresses you, wait till you try the Via Ferrata in Ribes de Freser. It is two hours of magic. 120 minutes to enjoy not just the pleasure of doing an exception route over volcanic granophyre, but also of contemplating some fabulous views every time you look up. Colours, flowers, trees, the river, the sunset… what more do you want?

alone, with family or friends

Do this Via Ferrata however you come to Vall de Ribes. As it is not difficult even the youngest members of the family can complete it, so if you bring your children to a slow days break in this part of the Catalan Pyrenees, they can also benefit from this particular route. You can also do it alone, with your partner or friends; it is a route you will get a lot out of no matter how you do it. What do you choose?

similar activities to Vía Ferrata in Vall de Ribes

Ribes de Freser, Campelles, Toses, Queralbs, Planoles, Pardines or Vall de Núria; these are the places that form part of Vall de Ribes, an ideal destination for leisurely enjoying the best pleasures in life. We suggest these alternatives, related to the Via Ferrata, so you can have a pleasant memory of your stay in the valley: