The goal: Vall de Núria is a point and apart in Vall de Ribes for what it represents. It is special, starting with the 11 ski slopes which are accessed from the resort of the same name. Vall de Núria is a destination much desired in winter by snow lovers, and a place to meditate and find yourself at any time of the year.

what to do in Vall de Núria

The offer of activities in  Vall de Núria is very wide. There is something for everyone.  Hiking, deserves special mention, as the Sanctuary of Núria is at the end of many of the routes that start from the other villages of  Vall de Ribes. But the offer doesn’t end there: pony or horseback riding, boating, visiting a farm with animals, going to exhibitions, taking a snowshoe hike along a snow-white path to one of the peaks of the Olla de Núria… if we continue, we will not stop.

accomodation in Vall de Núria

Núria station offers ua fully equipped hotel and apartments for you to spend your nights in the best possible way. Sleeping at an altitude of almost 2,000 meters is a must-see experience. The stars in the sky will warm you as you lie down and accompany you and the silence throughout the evening. Weather permitting, accommodation in  Vall de Núria also has a controlled camping area, so you can almost touch the stars with your hand: on an adventure!

taste and restaurants in Vall de Núria

The offer of restaurants in Vall de Núria is also wide. You have à la carte menus and dishes at the hotel’s restaurant, Cabana or La Caseta del Llac, among others. If you enjoy picnicking,  Vall de Núria is the perfect place to eat surrounded by flowers, trees and water, so prepare your basket with local produce (you can buy them in a shop) and enjoy! Don’t leave Vall de Núria, however, without trying its most renowned desserts, some dry pasta with aromatic herbs: pure taste in tradition.

More about Vall de Núria

This town, considered an aggregate town of Queralbs, is known in the Catalan Pyrenees as the ideal destination for loveres of skiing and snowboard. In its 11 slopes there are 7 skiable kilometers, so in winter it increases the influx of travelers who arrive in this corner of Vall de Ribes by private vehicle or via the famous rack train, which connects Queralbs or Ribes of Freser with  Vall de Núria. It is a perfect place to meditate for the rest of the year. To think. To do something by doing nothing. Feel, savor and get to know yourself better. Slow days are magic here: do you sign up?

other similar towns to Vall de Núria in Vall de Ribes

Vall de Núria is an aggregate town in Queralbs, although it deserves special mention for its exceptional characteristics. But it is not the only place from which to enjoy Vall de Ribes; the following municipalities are also part of this part of the Catalan Pyrenees: