hiking in Vall de Ribes

sensations's miles

Hiking is the star activity among everything that can be done in Vall de Ribes. The most sought after. The most appreciated. Dressing comfortably and going out for a walk along route of a few kilometres full of colour, landscapes, history and fresh air sounds too good to be true, but in Vall de Ribes it is a reality.


Routes that make you daydream

With every metre, a new reason to smile and enjoy the delights of the route. Hiking in Vall de Ribes is this: the location of the villages, the water in the rivers, the abundant nature, the forests, the presence of mountains and valleys, the Romanesque heritage and an endless number of attractions make all the routes a more than appealing option at any time of year.

Multiple starting points and destinations

There are pre-designed hiking routes so that travellers can soak up what makes this part of the Catalan Pyrenees so special. You will see them signposteds at all times. We have several to suggest, lasting anything from 60 minutes to 10 hours. All the information is available here, so you can plan well and choose the best route for you.

from village to village

Hiking among the villages of Vall de Ribes, leaving one and arriving at another, is another magnificent way of being captivated by the delights of this part of Ripollés. The distances between Campelles, Ribes de Freser, Toses, Queralbs, Planoles, Pardines and Vall de Núria are not particularly great, so the plan to get on your way and reach the village you have decided to visit in time for lunch can be an excellent idea. Especially if you end with a beer in your hand, savouring a well-deserved break.

hiking routes of all distances and levels of difficulty

Per fer-les amb nens, amb amics, en parella o només amb els teus pensaments: the network of hiking routes  in Vall de Ribes is tremendous  and you will find everything no matter where you start. One of the best-known ends at the Sanctuary of Núria, for example. Or that of “Las Centrales”, or of Planoles – Queralbs – Ribes de Freser. There are many: ask at your accommodation when you arrive and schedule your slow days.

a walk to remember

Hiking in Vall de Ribes is synonymous with freedom. Doing one of the suggested routes will make you fell freer than ever. Walking along the river, gathering mushrooms on the way, smelling colourful flowers, resting against a tree for a break or getting out your mobile phone to take a photo of the fantastic panoramic view, are things that make you truly feel, and is just a small part of what you will find if you set out along the path.

inclusive circuits

They consist of a blue route no. 38A, 3.5 km with a +/- 136m drop and a pink route no. 38, 5.8 km with a +/- 298m drop. The two routes start from the tourist office and go through village’s walks taking advantage of the elevator that interconnects them and once arrived at Margarideta’source, only continues the natural route going around the Ribes Altes’s neighborhood and arriving later by the Sant Pere’s castle.


NORDIC WALKING IN vall de ribes

Kminades Slow Mountain

Nordic Walking Vall de Ribes

similars ACTIVITIES TO HIKING IN Vall de Ribes

You can go hiking from Ribes de Freser, Toses, Campelles, Queralbs, Vall de Núria, Pardines and Planoles, but if this is not your thing and you are looking for a different activity, take a look at what we suggest below. Experiences to enjoy what makes Vall de Ribes unique: which will you choose?