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take a little piece of our land

With the traditional crafts shops and local businesses you can take a little piece of Vall de Ribes with you at the end of your slow days with us. Yes, you have read that right: local and traditional crafts. Made by hand with all the care and affection in the world by us. We are talking about cold meats, honey, cakes, cheese, clothes, etc. If you are thinking about shopping in Vall de Ribes, below are some of our extraordinary proposals.

buy cold meats

One of our specialities and what is most sought after by travellers who decide to go shopping in Vall de Ribes during their stay. The process of obtaining this food from the Pyrenees involves local farmers and butchers who work hard to offer a series of  0 km products with which you can taste a bit of our region. Expect the best coming from such an idyllic natural setting as this one.

shopping at bakeries and cakes shop

In the bakeries and cake shops you will find bread and desserts liked they used to make. Tradition is reflected on each counter, where the cakes hide centuries of history and perfecting of the recipes. You cannot leave Vall de Ribes without some “Dainas” (small dry cakes with aromatic herbs from Vall de Núria) or some “Mets”. We are not going to tell you what they are: we would rather you came to try them yourselves.

buy honey in Vall de Ribes

The bees in this little bit of paradise hidden in the midst of the Catalan Pyrenees make honey that is out of this world. They are also traditional craftsmen of Vall de Ribes, making a really sweet, healthy honey that does not expire, and which can accompany you in an endless number of breakfasts when you return home. Although once you leave you will not wake up under the valley sky, you will be accompanied at the start of every day by the honey from Vall de Ribes.

buy clothes

The climate in Vall de Ribes can surprise even the most careful traveller. Without ever reaching extremes, it is not unusual to feel warm in the colder seasons and a little cold in the hottest seasons. That is why we have local clothes shops and shopping centres; businesses from here where you will find seasonal clothes, with unique and exclusive designs, 100% handmade. There is even a shop with skiing and mountain equipment, in case you are a big fan of snow in the Pyrenees.


Clothes, cold meat and cheese, honey, bread, cakes, etc. Everything you can find in the Vall de Ribes shops is made here. All our businesses are run by craftsmen; experts in their field; people who are very clear that quality is the main thing. The care is evident in each mouthful and each fold, as well as in the personal treatment you receive from each one. You will want to buy everything.

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Alternatives to shopping in Vall de Ribes

Going shopping in Vall de Ribes is good. Very good. We would even say it is necessary, something you will discover for yourself when you immerse yourself in our gastronomy. But it is not the only thing you can do when you come; absolutely not! Campelles, Toses, Planoles, Pardines, Ribes de Freser, Vall de Núria and Queralbs offer you all kinds of activities, which we list below: