HOSTELS IN Vall de Ribes

Enjoy your journey to this paradise in the Pyrenees sharing your accommodation with other travellers looking for the same as you: getting to know interesting people who know what they want, breathing fresh air, sleeping in shared dormitories and the pleasure of company. The hostels in Vall de Ribes await you, fully prepared for you to have an outstanding rural experience.


In the hostels in Vall de Ribes you will share a bedroom and bathroom with other travellers. You will have the chance to get to know them and hear their stories while enjoying a filling breakfast together to start the day well. You could even, make plans together and discover the eternal charms of Vall de Ribes in the company of people like you. If you are a naturally sociable person, a hostel is your best option.

feel the welcome

Those who prefer to stay in hostels are perfectly aware of the  magic of shraing wen travelling. You will feel welcome at all times, even when you are doing an activity in the rural environment of Vall de Ribes You will not take long to feel part of the family that is formed by the hostel staff with the rest of the travellers. Imagine the comforting sensation when you go to sleep, surrounded by people with similar tastes to yours!

for hiking lovers

Hostels are for resting. To stay overnight, have breakfast if food is offered, socialise (only if you want to) and little more. Why? Because it is a fantastic means of sleeping in the mountains and enjoying all their attributes. When the sun rises, hostellers go on their way and set out on the path. Ask at your hostel for the most beautiful hiking routes that pass by and give yourself a treat by walking kilometres full of flowers, aromas, colours and the most abundant nature.

¿are you coming in a group?

¿A big group? You are going to have an amazing time: stay at one of the hostels in Vall de Ribes and sleep together in the same room. Share bunk beds, rest in company and set out the next day feeling closer than ever to each other: hostels unite people! Large or small groups, that is the good thing about hostels: they have a great capacity to welcome , so it will not be necessary to split up into different accommodations however many you are.

hostels for all budgets

Get to know people, sleep in a very rural ambience, share experiences, etc. But we still haven’t talked about that important factor: the price is much more economical than when you stay in a hotel or guesthouse. In a hostel, you also have a lot of incentives. Take the plunge if you haven’t already tried it; Vall de Ribes is the best place to start with this kind of accommodation.

Alternative accommodation to hostels in Vall de Ribes

If you don’t like sharing a bedroom or bathroom very much or if you prefer more privacy in general, how about taking a look at the other kinds of accommodation we have available in this part of Ripollés? All have the attractive attribute of being surrounded by a charming natural ambience, one of the strong points of Vall de Ribes. How would you like to enjoy this sensational destination in the middle of the Catalan Pyrenees?

a young and quality option…

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