There are few towns that can show off their medieval beauty in the way that Campelles does, this small but charming town located in the south of Vall de Ribes, in a natural setting of Serra del Montgrony. Small, surrounded by mountains and far from any feelings of stress: you come to Campelles to rest; to have a break in your routine, to relax, to enjoy the exuberant nature that surrounds it, its landscapes, and pleasant climate and to feel, above all to feel. You will savour every minute and every step you take in this magical environment.


what do in campelles

Make the most of the slow days. enjoying them to the full. We recommend that you do so in Campelles taking part in an activity that allows you to be in contact with nature. How does walking alongside the riverbank while picking mushrooms, strawberries and blackberries in the forest sound to you? Or hiking along routes surrounded in vegetation, which you can also run or do by bike if you are someone that likes doing sports at all times, even at the weekends.

where to stay in campelles

Whatever accommodation you choose in Campelles, you are guaranteed to rest. You’ll become absorbed in the most absolute silence and the only thing that will remind you that there is anything outside will be the light of the moon. The shelter? The hotel in Campelles? It doesn’t matter: sleep, dream and wake up to the sounds of nature, which will welcome you to the day before you start a new slow day in Campelles.

see all the restaurants in campelles

Very little rural would have Campelles if it were not a place where you eat scandal. Recipes made over love heat, like those of grandmothers. Potatoes, veal and game meat are a staple on the menus of restaurants in Campelles, although our gastronomy is mainly characterized by honey, cheeses and sausages. We know how to eat. We like to eat, and we want you to come experience the flavors of our land with us.

More about campelles

The first time Campelles appears documented in history was in the year 918, which is going back a bit. Since then, although it is an open town, prepared prepared to receive holiday makers who whant to enjoy the pleasures of the area bit by bit, the change has not been excessive, at least when it comes to the activities that take place there: According to the last census, Campelles has a population of 127, most of whom live from livestock farming and the forest. The weather in Campelles, on the other hand, is the same as that which is common to the area: a mild climate, marked strongly by the nature of the surrounding area and the amount of water present in this great ecosystem.

El Baell

El Baell is a town located 5 kilometres to the south of Campelles and belongs to it. Like Campelles, it is an ideal place to be in touch with nature, to take in the wonderful landscapes and to go on walks amongst the most beautiful flora in the north of Girona.


Other towns similars to campelles in vall de ribes

In addition to Campelles, in Vall de Ribes you’ll find other similar towns, each with their own particularities. During your trip to Campelles, we recommend that you visit as many as you can, and whatever you do, don’t forget your camera.