cultural tourism in la Vall de Ribes

MUCH to tell (and discover)

Let yourself be seduced by all the aspects that define our identity by doing some cultural tourism when you come to Vall de Ribes. Permanent exhibitions, Romanesque heritage, cinema, music, Noucentista architecture, hiking routes full of history and personality, etc. We have all the ingredients so you leave here with a marvellous impression, understanding why Vall de Ribes is one of the most magical places of Girona.


Romanesque at the standard bearer of the cultural tourism

It is impossible talk about cultural tourism in Vall de Ribes and not refer to romanesque, an artistic movement full of nuances that can be reflected in a large number of constructions found in our villages. The church of Saint Victor in Dòrria, that of Saint James in Queralbs or of Saint Magdalene of Puigsac in Pardines, among others, have frescos and surprising details that will thrill you.


Permanent ones, which you can enjoy whenever you come, all designed to show you a little more of our origins, relevant figures and traditions. So you can get to know us a little better, such as for example, with our rack railway, which takes you up to Vall de Núria: did you know that this train has its own museum in the Ribes de Freser station? Old locomotives, materials, elements from not long ago, etc. This train continues to be used today!

cultural tourism in Ribes de Freser

The administrative and economic capital of Vall de Ribes is also the driving force regarding culture. Its Romanesque culture, noucentista architecture, Saint Peter’s castle, cinema, the Rack Railway Museum, restaurants and shops for tasting the most traditional gastronomy and the hiking routes that start from here, are its best bastions.

gastronomy, one of our distinguishing features

The ingredients, recipes and flavour of each dish are another distinguishing feature of an area. Immerse yourself a little more in what we are by tasting what our kitchens produce. The stews with veal, mushrooms and potatoes (do you know shepherds’ soup, or snow soup or the tasty Canamillana [a type of bubble and squeak]?), cold meats, the sweetest honey you are ever going to taste, cheese and desserts Made in Vall de Ribes will all tell you who we are.

Culture in all shapes and sizes

Go to the cinema in Ribes de Freser; visit some of the castles in Vall de Ribes  (there is one in Ribes de Freser, another in Queralbs and another in Campelles); walk along the route of the fountains, or of the hydroelectric power plants; enjoy the music at the Romànic en viu festival taking place in the churches of Toses and Planoles; go to the Catalan shepherds’ competition or admire the frescos of the churches in our villages. Vall de Ribes is culture and you can enjoy it however you want.

cultural tourISM actiVIties

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Other activities in Vall de Ribes

If you are thinking about enjoying another kind of activity during your visit to Vall de Ribes, we have several experiences that are, at least, worth looking at. Adrenaline, nature, landscapes, meditation and a lot of well-being; why just have one?