In the middle of the valley’s slope, with four hamlets spread over a specific area if the Catalan Pyrenees, we find Toses, a place to visit to fall in love with the landscapes offered by this haven of peace in the heart of nature. Fauna, flora, excursions and the local cuisine: Toses has everything, including being the town with the highest altitude in Catalonia.


what to do in toses

Go for a walk and enjoy the challenge of climbing Puigmal for example, or the pleasure of wandering through Dòrria forest. Stroll through the hamlets and discover the treasures concealed among their streets: Toses, Fornells, Dòrria and Nevà surprise all the tourists who decide to visit them. The routes starting here are high level ones, so come prepared. You can also visit our places of worship: the Sant Cristòfol Church in Toses and the Sant Martí Church in Fornells.

where to stay in Toses

Fornells has some of the best accommodation offers in Toses. You can spend the night at the Hostal Estació or, if you prefer a rural house to enjoy the experience to the full, Cal Cot, Casa Rural Can Bertrán, Cal Pastor or Cal Mestre are just some of the options you have available. Staying at these places will give you the feeling of making the most of these slow days you decide to spend in this Pyrenean paradise.

where to eat in Toses

The gastronomy is one of the most interesting value proposals offered in Vall de Ribes, and here you can find out all about it. There aren’t many restaurants in Toses, but wherever you go you’ll get your taste buds tingling from the first bite with the typical recipes of the region. Cold meats, cheeses, honey and desserts abound, as well as game meat. Doesn’t it get your mouth watering just thinking about this stew whilst enjoying this picture postcard landscape?

More about Toses

Your smartphone’s screen won’t be big enough to take in all the landscape views. And they’re not just any views: from Toses you can enjoy some of the best landscapes in the entire Vall de Ribes. Come and see for yourself! There’s even more to see if you come in July, we celebrate our town festival and a little later, the festival dedicated to Santa Magdalena. As you can see, we know how to have a good time, but this is also a place to come to meditate, to become one with nature and enjoy the mere fact of being alive.

Toses, Fornells, Dòrria and Nevà

These are the hamlets belonging to Toses. Together they make up Toses. They are separated by a few kilometres, as hamlets scattered around Vall de Ribes. Why not go hiking from hamlet to hamlet, walking along the paths surrounded by incredible pine trees, flowers and colours covering the entire chromatic range.

other towns similar to Toses in la Vall de Ribes

Like Toses, there are other towns in Vall de Ribes that also have different hamlets attached to them. They all form part of the beautiful Vall de Ribes, Ripollès, one of the best kept secrets in Catalonia. Apart from Toses, here are the main towns: