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charming town, slow days and nature in its pure state

Vall de Ribes: a journey to well - being

At the north of the province of Girona, among large mountain formations and on the southern slope of the Pyrenees we find Vall de Ribes, a unique setting. Unique for its landscapess; unique for the exuberance of the countryside surrounding it; unique for the pure air its people breathe, and unique for the little towns which make up the Valley: Campelles, Pardines, Planoles, Queralbs, Vall de Núria, Toses and Ribes de Freser.

where there is always something to do

Activities in Vall de Ribes

Vall de Ribes offers you a wide range of possibilities for those slow days that you decide to spend in this magical area. A cycle route through the living forests may be a good choice to start with. If you’re not keen on two wheels, exploring some of these paths on foot will also give you the chance to pick some wild mushrooms and seasonal fruit. Everything in the Vall de Ribes brings us closer to our roots: nature, silence, fresh air…


for the best night's sleep

Accomodation in Vall de Ribes

Small hotels, rural houses, shelters, campsites, hostels, inns… The accommodation available in Vall de Ribes allows you to spend the night under whatever type of roof you like. Wherever you choose, you’ll enjoy a silence dance shrouded in total darkness, in an atmosphere that clears your lungs with each breath. The cycle is repeated over and over again, until your body and mind tell you that it is time to start a new day.

a homage to the palate

where to eat in Vall de Ribes

Flavour, flavour and more flavour: that’s what makes the recipes that fill the menus of the restaurants in Vall de Ribes stand out. Cold meats, cheeses, honey, stews, pastries… What’s your favourite? The slow days concept is reflected in the finer details of each dish, surprising you with each bite: choose a restaurant and prepare yourself to taste some great meals.