Vall de Ribes

Slow days are enjoyed calmly and with no rush, but that does not mean they are not experienced intensely, which is just what happens with the activities in Vall de Ribes: there are always things to do in Ribes de Freser, Campelles, Planoles, Pardines, Vall de Núria, Queralbs or Toses. Plans for sports, leisure, culture, etc. What do you prefer? Here are some ideas for things to do in Vall de Ribes when you come:


Join the mountain biking trend by riding some of the previously designed routes or, if you prefer, get on your bike and travel along paths from your starting point in Vall de Ribes, of which there are no shortage. The exuberant nature enveloping these paths will not go unnoticed no matter how concentrated you are on your ride: it is spectacular!

Trail running

We leave the bike to face a somewhat demanding activity. Running across the mountains and valleys they form is hard, but very gratifying. Choose any of the suggested routes, prepare yourself well and get ready to enjoy a trail that will help you discover the heart of Vall de Ribes like no other.


One of the flagships among all the activities that can be done in Vall de Ribes. Undoubtedly, the favourite activity for many. Which is normal: who doesn’t enjoy calmly hiking along a path that starts locally, full of colour, flora and fauna, fresh air and water in all its forms? These are the stars of the dozens of excursions  availables in Vall de Ribes: Let’s go get them!

Via ferrata

The adrenaline of walking along paths cut into the rock. Simply spectacular. They are 100% safe paths, so if you have a head for heights and fancy walking along a path over a great formation of volcanic origin, this activity in Vall de Ribes is for you. No doubt.

adventure and other sports

We continue with more sport-related ideas to do in Vall de Ribes, like skiing and snowboarding, available on the pistes next to Vall de Núria. You can also be inspired to walk along the hardest paths only helped by some walking sticks, which is known as Nordic Walking,  to launch yourself down the most important zip-line in Catalonia, to ride along the roads on your bike or to play paintball if you come with friends: the offer is tremendous!


The best way to connect body and mind with the environment. Yoga is a more than suitable activity wherever you go in Vall de Ribes; anywhere is perfect for meditating and being aware of the natural beauty that surrounds you. Sun salutation feel different here, so bring your yoga mat and get ready to transcend.

cultural tourism

Vall de Ribes is one of the best Romanesque areas of Catalonia. In the village streets there are castles, walls, towers and other constructions still standing, which will take you back to the most authentic mediaeval times. In Vall de Ribes, you also have a significant range of museums and exhibitions, particularly if you visit Ribes de Freser. And if you want to combine culture with sport, we have routes that are loaded with history to walk along while discovering our past.


You are not thinking of coming to Vall de Ribes and not taking something back to remind you of your visit to this natural paradise, are you? We recommend that during your stay you make some time to go shopping in our villages. The star products are cold meats, cheese and honey, which are most desired by locals and travellers who come to Vall de Ribes (the cakes permitting). But really there is everything: clothes shops, bakeries and cake shops, galleries, consultancies, etc. It is all here!