Medieval walks, fresh, pure air and a place steeped in history: Pardines, is the town located in the centre of the Vall de Ribes. A place to enjoy the charms of the Catalan Pyrenees, nature and peace and quiet. If you are looking for a quiet destination that you can enjoy at your own pace, take part in activities in the heart of nature and sleep enveloped in absolute silence, Pardines is the place for you.


what to do in Pardines

Slow days  come naturally in this little paradise with vestiges of the Middle Ages. Explore its streets to enjoy the remains of the old wall and the 11th-century castle. The circular tower will also take you back in time. The Segadell riverbed leads you through natural paths in the greenest part of Pardines, where everything is possible: walking and mountain bike routes, archery… and if you fancy skiing or snowboarding, the Pyrenean slopes of Vall de Núria are just a few kilometres away.

where to stay in Pardines

Accommodation in Pardines is a whole other story. You can choose between a small, charming hostel, a free shelter if you like an adventure or one of the fascinating rural houses that are spread throughout the streets of Pardines and its surrounding areas. Whatever you decide, the secret is to let yourself relax completely: close your eyes, let your mind go blank and prepare yourself to enjoy what is commonly known as a “deep and restoring sleep”.

where to eat in Pardines

Pardines is a festive town. You’ll feel good here. All the finer detalls are taken care, of here, and this is also reflected in the town’s cuisine. If you’re looking for a restaurant in Pardines that will familiarise you with the flavours of the land, Hostal Ca Serra is a good choice. It is renowned for its cuisine in the area: ask the waiter or waitress to recommend something and taste the delights of the Catalan Pyrenees at your leisure from some real professional chefs.

More about Pardines

Who would have said that in the heart of Vall de Ribes, in Pardines, one of the most important craft beer fairs in the region would be held? Every October the residents of Pardines receive their neighbours and other holidaymakers who want to try the most authentic beer. But that’s not all; if peace and quiet is what you are looking for, the surrounding areas of Pardines are ideal for meditating, going for walks while picking fruit or wild mushrooms or just switching your mind off. Pardines is a town with 160 inhabitants, an enviable natural atmosphere, breath-taking landscapes to fill your mobile phone’s photo album and ann unbeatable retreat to get back in touch with yourself.

others towns similars tosemblants a Pardines in Vall de Ribes

Pardines is in the centre-east part of Vall de Ribes, which makes it the best place to explore the rest of the area. In this area you can find towns each with their own particular charm, all accessible by car or by bicycle, although we should mention that some of the paths can be demanding because of the altitude. The neighbouring towns of Pardines are: