The administrative and economic centre of Vall de Ribes, Ribes de Freser, is the closest to a small city that can be found in this corner of the Catalan Pyrenees. With a Y-shaped layout and surrounded by rivers, it has absolutely everything and, like the rest of the valley’s villages, it is an ideal destination to enjoy the “slow days” concept. Living life without having to rush, enjoying every detail, from the first ray of sun to the evening breeze along with the taste of the bread with your lunch, is what awaits you in Ribes de Freser.






There are numerous activities available in Ribes de Freser. If you like the cine, you’re in for a treat: Ribes de Freser has an old cinema committed to documentaries and environmental themes. It is also the place where you can enjoy the popular vía ferrata, which covers a volcanic route which has left behind some beautiful landscapes. And if you want to walk and discover every nook and cranny of Vall de Ribes, you have it all at your fingertips here: routes head in all directions from Ribes de Freser, such as the fountain route, the gamified Met de Ribes route, the Forts route and the one providins the  best vantage points in the area. Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera!

where to stay in ribes DE FRESER

You can spend the night however you like, as Ribes de Freser has an abundant accommodation offer. Small hotels, hostels. charming rural houses… and for the icing on the cake, you can visit the Pla d’Erola shelter either on foot or by car. The shelter is located at an altitude of 1524 metres and you will be able to taste the best dishes of the local gastronomy: mountain-style rice, grilled meat and Vall de Ribes’ famous cold meats.

where to eat in RIBES DE FRESER

Holidaymakers and local people from the valley come to this small, mountain town to savour the best dishes in the region. The shepherds’ soup, the sopa de neu (snow soup) or the Canamillana await you in every restaurant in Ribes de Freser. And when you finish, there are the desserts, a real speciality in the area. Choose a restaurant, one for each meal, so you don’t miss out on anything: each chef has their own speciality.


Ribes de Freser is a perfect reflection of society’s evolution throughout history. With its agricultural origin, the industrial revolution and technological advancement have enabled its people to live off the land, mining, paper and textiles, before venturing into tourism. And there are many holidaymakers who know that the slow days of Ribes de Freser are like nowhere else: the peace and quiet that permeates each step entwine with the events and festivals held throughout the year. When you come you just have to just go with the flow.

Batet, Bruguera, Ribes Altes and Ventolà

The hamlets belonging to Ribes de Freser, each with their own particular charm. From Ventolà, located at an altitude of 1385 metres, you can enjoy some outstanding views of Vall de Rigat; in Batet, a charming chapel will welcome you; in Ribes Altes, the residents live in beautiful farmhouses and country homes, and in Bruguera they live in the middle of an unusually colourful pine forest. Be sure to visit them!

Other towns similar to Ribes de freser in Vall de Ribes

This Y-shaped town is not the only one that gives meaning to Vall de Ribes. Just a few kilometres away are some fairy-tale-like spots such as: