Hotels in Vall de Ribes

You will appreciate it. From the first moment. From the moment you step foot in the establishment: the hotels in Vall de Ribes are your best ally if you are looking for maximum comfort during your stay. Everything ready, everything prepared, everything available for you to enjoy during your trip to this set of villages full of history, tradition and natural charm.

wen you let yourself go with flow

That is why you go to a hotel: to have everything prepared for you. For them to look after you and at the same time, to haver privacy. It is very easy to let yourself go with the flow in the Vall de Ribes hotels, and it is just what we want you to do if you decide to try one of the charming rooms. You worry about properly planning your slow days in this part of the Catalan Pyrenees; we will do the rest.

Hotels with charm in the catalan pyrenees

Nature, the sky,  the landscape and absolute silence when night falls make the Vall de Ribes hotels a difficult offer to refuse. In your room, all the possible features and comforts: a bathroom with shower or bathtub, electricity, a large bed, wardrobe, etc. And outside, a simply amazing environment. Go for a walk, do sport, meditate, eat in one of our restaurants, etc. And then return to your room to relax: any time is good for resting in a place like this.

Privacy, comfort and zero worries

The difference between staying in a hotel in Vall de Ribes and in another kind of establishment is in the combination of these three things. In your room you will have maximum privacy, but with the added security of having someone available in reception to attend to you with a warm smile should you need anything. Don’t hesitate: if you want to make your accommodation one of the main attractions of your comfortable trip, book a hotel and experience the marvellous sensation of not  worrying about anything.

breakfast does matter

When you travel and stay in a hotel, what do you pay attention to? We are sure that you don’t skip breakfast. Well: breakfasts in these charming hotels are, by far, the best way to start the day. Local products, mountain views and a rested body after having spent a whole night immersed in complete silence: how are you not going to wake up feeling magnificent each new slow day in la Vall de Ribes?

gastronomic proposal

Some hotels in Vall de Ribes have their own restaurant. That said, the situation is: you get up, have breakfast, go out for an 8 km hike, return along the same path and to satisfy your growling stomach, you try the gastronomic speciality of your hotel restaurant. When you have finished, with a full tummy and a feeling of enormous satisfaction, you want nothing more than… Yes, you’ve guessed it: a siesta! From table to bed; it’s that simple.

Alternative accommodation to hotels to Vall de Ribes

There are travellers who prefer something other than hotels. We know, and in Vall de Ribes it is no problem. No problem at all: we have all kinds of establishments far and wide in Ribes de Freser, Campelles, Pardines, Planoles, Toses, Vall de Núria and Queralbs. These are:

it's hard to choose, but…

9 Sant Antoni


Catalunya Park

Els Caçadors

Sant Antoni

Hotel Vall de Núria

Angelats Hotel


Resguard dels Vents