GUESTHOUSES In Vall de Ribes

Simple, but with all the possible comforts and more economical than hotels: the guesthouses in Vall de Ribes are your accommodation if you are looking to sleep in peace and harmony in a surprising environment… at the most affordable price. Enjoy the warmth of the family guesthouses and live your slow days in Vall de Ribes with the constant (and marvellous) sensation of being in good hands.


If we could only choose one word to define the guesthouses in Vall de Ribes we would choose “charming”. You only have to come to see it is true: the  rural environment of this part of the Catalan Pyrenees  will enchant you from the first minute. The fantastic landscapes, water courses, an extremely varied range of colours and the freshest air you have ever breathed are the perfect complement to the guesthouses in Ribes de Freser, Planoles, Queralbs, Vall de Núria, Toses and company.

you won't miss anything

The guesthouse bedrooms will give you everything you need during your visit to Vall de Ribes. Comfortable beds to spend the night in the best conditions, equipped bathrooms, restaurant service, warm decor that will make you feel more than at home, etc. Take a break between one experience and another and just relax in your bedroom, have a shower and get ready to continue feeling everything that this land has to offer you.

guesthouses with gastronomic offer

Some guesthouses in Vall de Ribes have their own restaurant. A restaurant where you can taste the local flavours, with an evident mountain nature. Game meat, veal, cold meats and cheese are the speciality. Ask at your guesthouse and follow the recommendations they give you: don’t just settle for a pleasant rest and put the final touch with a finger-licking gastronomic experience.

¿wo are you coming with?

Guesthouses are excellent for travellling in a group. The rural ambience of the rooms perfectly fits the company you decide to bring. With friends, your partner, family, etc. Who do you have in mind? You will feel welcome from the moment you step into the reception area, where you will receive a warm welcome with a smile. Guests are not clients, but practically friends.

Plan with your guesthouses

When you know which guesthouse you want to stay in and make the booking, don’t hesitate to contact reception so they can help you plan your slow days in Vall de Ribes. Ask about the villages, the mountains, the best excursions or routes near your chosen location, the plans for adventure or the places you can go for deep meditation. It will be a pleasure to give you a helping hand to make the most of your stay in Vall de Ribes.

Alternative accommodation to guesthouses in Vall de Ribes

¿Are you looking for more private accommodation? Do you want to share a room? Something even more economical? Do you want to sleep in a cabin? A cottage? In Vall de Ribes we have everything; we have talked about hostels, but choose from this list what would better suit you:

Comfort. Simplicity, Authenticity


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