align body and mind in Vall de Ribes


There are few places more suitable for Yoga than the Vall de Ribes. You will feel from the first moment this connection of the body and the head that brings us so much well-being. Close your eyes, join your hands, and embark on the best journey of your life; a journey within you, in which you are aware of everything around you and take you to a higher state of happiness. Tell you what, yoga in the Vall de Ribes is top notch.


a paradise for yoga lovers

Vall de Ribes is itself an excellent destination for all those people who do this spiritual activity. Nature, in which the flora and fauna are surrounded by silence, fresh air and water courses, has dozens of incredible spaces. Unbeatable places to meditate, to breathe, to feel; in short, to enjoy the most profound things in life.

yoga in the santuary de Núria: the objective

If you ask everyone who practices yoga in the Vall de Ribes the large (very large) majority will tell you that the best place to practice it is in this basilica. At height of 2,000 meters this destination has a setting, a liturgy and some characteristics that you will hardly find anywhere else in the world to do yoga in the best conditions. Seriously: xercising your boy and mind in the Sanctuary of Núria i a true blessing.

shelters, wiewing points and natural spaces

Don’t you want to go up to Núria? Don’t worry: all the villages in the Vall de Ribes have a natural fairytale natural setting. Just a short distance from leaving the centre of the village you are staying in, you will quickly reach a viewing point, shelter or simply a clearing where you can  connecting with Mother Nature. Set out your yoga mat, close your eyes and merge with nature in an ambience full of fresh air, peace and beauty.

yoga centers in Vall de Ribes

If you prefer someone to guide you, there are Yoga centers in Vall de Ribes. Ask about its retreats or classes, sign up and let an expert guide you along this spiritual path to your deepest inner being. If it is your first time with yoga and you debut in Vall de Ribes, you could not ask for a better first-time experience.

yoga and meditation as way of life

Increasingly more people use Yoga and meditation  The benefits of doing these two closely related activities are infinite. Have you ever tried it? It is never too late: if you are going to come to Vall de Ribes soon, make the most of it and experience for the first time an activity that has more followers than ever. There must be a reason!

yoga in vall de ribes

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other similar activities to yoga in Vall de Ribes

If you do not dare to do yoga in the Sanctuary of Núria or in any of the magnificent corners of the valley that are perfectly prepared for it, how about enjoying Vall de Ribes and its surrounding nature with one of these alternatives?