Restaurants in Vall de Ribes

taste our tradition

In Vall de Ribes we are proud of our past. Our history defines what we are today and our cuisine forms part of this. Fors this reason, when you enter any of the restaurants in the Vall de Ribes, you’il find recipes and dishes on the menus which are marked by tradition, by the quality raw products (like it used to be) and for an infinite love, a love that the chefs bring to the palate.


The cuisine found in Vall de Ribes is highly influenced by its location: in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees. Mountain- style cuisine predominates in the restaurant of Ribes de Freser, Campelles, Vall de Núria, Quearlbs, Pardines, Planoles and Toses.Game meat, for example is a protagonist along with  beef accompanied to perfection by mushrooms and simmerins stews.

a journey for your palate

Tradition permeates through the kitchens of the restaurants of Vall de Ribes. Committed to the past, each of the most professional restauranteurs offer you a distintict journey to experience the tastes of the land. Ask for Canamillana, for Shepherd’s soup or snow’s soup, or for tipical biscuits of Vall de Núria, daines .

the same tradition, news diners

Restaurants in Vall de Ribes are prepared to accomodate anyone who wishes to indulge in the pleasure of eating good food, whatever their preferences may be. Meat is not the only thing we cook well, so if you prefer  vegetarian, vegan or you are gluten intolerant, we have no problem in ensuring that you enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Qaulity raw products

Eating to Vall de Ribes means doing it in style,  se take care of the finer detalls. We use hight – quality raw prodcuts in creating our recipies, which shows in the final dishes. Where to eat? It’s entirely up to you, but you canbe assured, wherever you go, it will be a wise choice.

and a cside dish...

Try dipping a piece of recentely mad bread in a sauce that has been simmering away for hours and hours. It’s divine! And that’s because the cuisine in Vall de Ribes has many nuances and strong points:  cheeses such as our traditional cottage cheese, cold meats, limited prodution honey, crema catalana, flan, yogurts… All of them will complemented nicely the dishes on any of our menus.

family restaurants

One of the secrets of the success of our kitchens our restaurants retain a family atmosphere so characteristic over the passing of time. Nothins as been lost, that is why taht in the dishes that are produced in the kitchens of our restaurants there is never even an ounce of flavor missing. Experience, savour and enjoy: you’ve come to Vall de Ribes to rest and get swept away in the moment. We ca’t think of anywhere beter to enjoy it, thana table overlooking the mountain witha a glass of wine in your hand, while you witing to be served a dish which, without a doubt, will be unforgettable.

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