Adventure in Vall de Ribes

fun for everyone

Horse-riding, flying down a snow-filled piste on your skis, walking along paths full of vegetation, sailing on a lake in a boat, etc. Do you see what we are getting at? Exactly: there are a great many possibilities for enjoying adventure sports in Vall de Ribes. What did you expect? A natural environment like this one goes a long way. Below we present the most popular adventure activities in this corner of the Catalan Pyrenees.

skiing and snowboarding in Vall de Núria

Vall de Núria is the destination of choice for thousands of skiers throughout the year, who see its 11 pistes and surrounding area as the ideal place for having a break and enjoying themselves. In winter the snow appears at these altitudes of around 2,000 metres, so if you are a fan of skiing or snowboarding, the whitest adventure of Vall de Ribes awaits you at the Vall de Núria ski resort!

Paintball in Ribes de Freser

If you travel with your friends, in a group, a fantastic way to relax and at the same time enjoy the region’s nature is to sign up to a paintball match. Shoot balls of paint at your opponents, camouflage yourself so you cannot be seen and be part of the winning team. With paintball you will feel a real adrenaline rush. Both fun and passion ata Ribes de Freser.

two-wheeled adventure

The roads and paths that join the villages, together with the trails and designed routes in the midst of nature make the bicycle one of the best friends for adventure in Vall de Ribes. You can choose the type: the most popular in the area are the MOUNTAIN BIKING ROUTES , although there is also the option of leaving the mountain bike behind and trying a road bike along the asphalted roads around the valley.

Explore nature on foot

The network of HIKING ROUTES LA VALL DE RIBES is famous in Catalonia for the many options it proposes. Less known, however, is the activity known as Nordic walking, where you are accompanied by two walking sticks throughout the route. If you want to take your excursion up a gear, put on suitable clothes and go out and do one of the available trail running routes.

More adventure sport in Vall de Ribes

Did you know that longest zip-line in Catalonia  is near Vall de Ribes? It is in San Lorenzo de Capdenàvol, although you do not need to go there to enjoy one. There is one in Vall de Núria, in a leisure park where you can also go horse-riding, on boat trips, mini golf, archery or even rock climbing on a wall designed for little ones.

other activities in Vall de Ribes

The adventure does not stop here; not in the slightest. In Vall de Ribes there is an incredible amount to do. Below we present the other available activities, so you can enjoy slowly but surely some fantastic slow days when you come to this delightful destination:

aventura en la vall de ribes


Kminades Slow Mountain

Pura Vall

Parc Natural de les Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser

Guies de muntanya i barrancs Ama Dablam

Estació de Muntanya Vall de Nuria

Escola d'esquí Núria


Racons Aventura

Estiula Aventura Park