Trail Running in Vall de Ribes

The natural heritage of Vall de Ribes in general, and of each of its villages in particular, makes this place a genuine paradise for lovers of Trail Running. In this part of the Catalan Pyrenees, the water and vegetation of the mountains and valleys come together in many places, giving rise to an endless number of fantastic panoramic and picture-perfect views. 


short distance trail running circuits in vall de Ribes

Trail runs up in the mountains, leaping over uneven ground, crossing rivers and prevailing over nature are not suitable for little ones. However, there are short distance trail running routes that can be perfectly done with children if one has a little patience. Vall de Ribes offers trails of all levels or difficulty; ask at your accommodation and have fun with your family in the heart of the Pyrenees.

medium distance trail running circuits in vall de Ribes

We slightly go up a level and on to trail running routes that exceed 20 km in length and 2,000 metres in altitude. This is something else, not suitable for children. If you are fit and want to try the medium distance trails we are talking about when you come to Vall de Ribes, these are “El Refugio de la Covil”, “Las Centrales”, “Perramón” and “Los Torrentes”, among others.

long distance trail running circuits in vall de Ribes

Serious stuff. These routes are around 30 km, and in some cases the altitude can reach up to 3,000 metres, such as the Puigmal trail, one of the most charismatic peaks in the area. The effort is going to be great, but when you reach the peak you will be grateful for having dared to do it: guaranteed.

Ribes de freser, the preferred starting point for trail runners

The routes we have mentioned almost all start from Ribes de Freser. If you are going to stay in the economic and administrative centre of Vall de Ribes, you are going to find many trail running options, so come prepared and ready for anything. Which part of the valley attracts you most? The trails lead almost anywhere!

Compete in an entorn idillyng setting

Well, yes: in Vall de Ribes trail running races are organised regularly. If you are interested in competing, the most renowned are those of “Batega el Bac”, “Vall de Ribes XS”, “Bastions”, “L’Esquella”, “L’Olla de Núria” and the Duathlon of Queralbs – Núria.

similars activities to trail running

How motivating and inspiring it is to run along mountain paths around places such as Ribes de Freser, Campelles, Toses, Queralbs, Planoles, Pardines or Vall de Núria! Trail running is something else, and only those who have tried it will know. If it is not the case for you and you do not want to try it, Vall de Ribes has other activities available: