Via Ferrada



Roca de la Creu and equipped way of Segura Castle.
A discovery itinerary that allows you to safely reach difficult-to-access areas and enjoy wonderful views of the valley by immersing you into the Ribes granophyre, a unique sub-volcanic rock in Catalonia.
The via ferrata, a route traced in the rock wall, is equipped in a way that allows the user to self-secure in a protection system (lanyard) against the falls through an energy absorber, carabiners, harness and helmet. It has aid elements in the progression such as steps, handholds or footholds. The via ferrata implies a physical activity and its interest goes from sports to therapeutic activities through education and tourism.

Tourist Office area and pavilion square area.

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The starting point of the activity is at the base of the Roca de la Creu. You can get there by climbing the stairs between the Town Hall and the Church of Santa Maria that lead to Bonavista Street. At the very beginning of this street, you will find another stairway that leads to the bottom of the Roca de la Creu (blue marks). At this point, it starts the section of the via ferrata that ends with a 14m-monkey bridge (optional) leaving you at the beginning of the equipped way. You will follow it up to an 18m-tibetan bridge and will go all the way up to the top of the Segura Castle hill. The activity ends at this point. You can take a path that leads to the Segura hill first and then to the low mountain pass of Segura. From that point you can take an Itinerànnia hiking trail to the right, which will take you again to the square of the town hall where the route started.