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Ajuntament de Ribes de Freser
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Ribes de Freser

Ribes de Freser is the administrative and economic center of the valley (once called ‘Valle Petrariense’). It is at the confluence of the three main rivers of Vall de Ribes: Rigard, Segadell, and Freser. These rivers design a Y-shaped village located at the valley bottom and protected by the high mountains that surround it. As a mountain village, Ribes de Freser had traditionally lived on cattle breeding and the exploitation of mines; however, at the end of the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution made itself felt by the construction of paper factories (Can Saus) and a textile housing estate (Can Recolons). But once again, the tourist industry of the valley had to be restructured due to the crisis of the 70s (although this time sticking more to their traditional activities). The mild weather in the summer, the beauty of its surroundings, the streams of mineral water, and its proximity to the main ski resorts make the village a privileged place to spend your summer or winter vacation.

Ribes de Freser





Winter Town Festival “Valentine's Day”

14th February.
Traditional activities over the weekend to honour the town’s patron saint.

Fira formatgera Vall de Ribes (Cheese Fair)

Easter Sunday.
Home-style cheese fair that presents different specialities (cow, goat and cheese) and varieties (soft cheese, raw-milk matured cheese and pasteurised-milk matured cheese), cheesecakes and cottage cheese as well as thematic activities for all the family.

Aplec de Sant Antoni

13th June.
Popular paella in the “Ermita de Sant Antoni”. This activity has been done since 1965 and, apart from the rice, the participants can enjoy the special events and the sardanes (typical Catalan dance) organised to honour the patron saint.


First weekend of July
Music and dance festival with the participation of different dancers from Catalonia, Spain and Europe. It is also the weekend of VallBirra, a craftbeer festival.

Meeting of Giants Puppets

Last weekend of July
Meeting of about twenty groups of giants headed by the Giants of Ribes, Manelic and Núria, characters of the book “Terra Baixa” written by Àngel Guimerà.

Aplec de la sardana

First Sunday of August.
Maximum expression of the sardana and the sardanas world leaded by a group of youngsters from the town in year 1973 and continued by “Associació Amics de la Sardana de la Vall de Ribes” in 1989.

Annual Town Festival

Second half of August.
Families, friends and people related to the town meet again to take part and enjoy the festival activities designed for all audiences and all ages.

Herding Dog Contest

First Sunday of September.
The event, a pioneer in Catalonia in 1948, is a dog show and shepherd exhibition of the Catalan and Spanish countries and is part of an annual league.

Honey Festival

Second weekend of September.
Exhibition of the honey extraction process, demonstration of the traditional honey-making material and tasting of different types of honey as well as an artisan fair.

Livestock Fair

Second Saturday of October.
One of the most important livestock fairs in Catalonia, where the Bruna dels Pirineus is almost present in 80% of the demonstration and selling booths. Complementary family activities

Mushroom Festival

Second Saturday and Sunday of October.
Artisan fair and educational activities around the mushrooms.






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