La Vall de Ribes

Ecological Wealth

The Ribes Valley

Ribes Valley is located northwest of the Ripollès and includes the towns Campelles, Planoles, Pardines, Queralbs, Toses and Ribes de Freser, economic capital of Valle. The ecological richness of the environment is the main attraction of the area, the water is present in every corner taking the form of source or jet stream.
The typical high mountain vegetation bordering the roads and small trails suitable for hiking, and joins the native wildlife and farm animals, owners of groves, pastures and meadows. From anywhere you can discover unexpected panoramas, such as the rural architecture that integrates seamlessly into the landscape and witnesses of peasant presence from pens, Saleras and shepherds’ huts. The Romanesque but is the most important vestige in the Valley, from major to small monumental churches and mixing in the midst of medieval castles and modernist buildings consolidating a capital asset in the territory. The cuisine is rich in craft products such as honey, mets, dairy products, deer, cottage cheese, sausages and meat from the area itself. The idiosyncrasy of the Valley has maintained a culture full of customs and traditions of mountain.