The remains of the former castle are found in the lower part of the village. This situation is due, probably, to the strategic position for a rapid defence of the town. Located on a hill, it is supposed it belongs to the 14th or 15th century. The castle should have a triangular shape with a tower in each vertex.

St. Peter’s Castle – Ribes de Freser.

The town of Ribes de Freser was founded under the protection of St. Peter’s Castle. The exact construction date of this castle, the remains of which are an architectural vestige from the Medieval times, is unknown but it is supposed it dates from the 11th century. The suburbs of the town and the castle, which belonged to the county of Cerdanya, were populated by a community of unique people with a very large goiter.


The Campelles Castle was built on a hill of the village. It only preserves some remains of the circular wall, made with local stone and grouted into lime mortar. However, it seems that the pit of the enclosure has been fossilised on the terrain, allowing to see the unevenness in a V-shape. In the years of 918 and 1035, the name of Campelles is documented but in those times, there were not yet the castle. It was probably built during the wars between the kings of the Crown of Aragon and the Crown of Majorca, since at that time the site acquired a certain strategic value. There is no news of any feudal lord nor it figures as a royal site. This suggests that it was rather a guard than a delimited castle.