Castles in Vall de Ribes


The remains of what had been the Castle are locates in the lower part of the town. This location is more than likely due to its strategics position to allow the quick defence of the population. Locates on a hill, it is believed to have dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries. The castle must havebeen triangular with a tower at each vertex.

Ribes de Freser de Sant Pere Castle

The town of Ribes de Freser emerges under the protection of Sant Pere Castle. The ruins of the castle are an architectural vestige from the Middle Ages; its construction is not dated accurately, but it is thought to be around the 11th century. The vicinity of the town and tehe castle, wich belonged to the county of Cerdanya, were populates by a colny of unique characters, know as golluts (goitre – afflicted dwarves) due to their physical deformation.



This castle was built on a hill in the town of Campelles. Today, only some remains of the circular walls still exist,, made with local stone and bound with a lime mortar. However, observing the V – -shaped slope, the enclosoure’s moat seems to have been fossilised in the terrain. In the years 9718  and 1035 the Campelles site appears documented, but at this time there was still no castle. It was likely to have beeb built during the wars between the Kings of the Catalan – Aragonese Crown and those of Mallorca, since at this time the site acquired a certain strategic value. There are no record of any feudatory system, and it doesn’t appear as real place, suggesting that it was a guard post rather than a castle with its own jurisdiction.