Campelles is located in the southeastern area of the Valle de Ribes. It extends from the Sierra de Montgrony (the Covile, Coll Pan, Cross Up, The Wart) to the Col de Prat de Jou. The village is located in the extensive landings of the Sierra de la Laguna.
The population lives off farming and forest exploitation. It has a 1000H. uncultivated land, covered with oaks, pines, firs and pastures mostly communal property, despite its rural location, the village has been open to tourism.

From the village is displayed, the entire head of strawberries, tops Vall de Nuria Puig and the Balandrau Cerveris, the Sierra and the Sierra Cavallera Conivella the Taga (2039m) and the San Amanco (1845m), perched on the people Bruguera, a breathtaking view of Ripollès, the valleys have been excavated Freser and Ter rivers and Osona and on a clear day much of the Plain of Vic and the massif of Montseny.




Ajuntament de Campelles
Pl. Ajuntament s/n
17534 Campelles

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Campelles - El Baell

El Baell

El Baell is a small town to 5 km Campelles.